"I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43.  I had been getting my annual mammograms. In 2011 I was called back twice for more imaging.  I never even felt the lumps in my breast because they were in my milk ducts - but the mammogram found them early. I am glad that the mammogram picked up the tumors. Early detection saved my life.  I encourage women to get tested yearly.  Do your monthly self-exams.  Had I not been getting my yearly mammograms, I don't know what my outcome would have been.I’ve always been very top-heavy. I was working as a nurse. I was self-sufficient. I found myself in a poor state of health and I couldn’t work anymore. I could not support myself and my two grandkids who live with me. It just got to the point where running a house and just getting the basics was not possible. Bras are very expensive – especially with my size. My rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disk diseases made expenses even tighter. I had to get a power wheelchair to get around. I needed new bras but absolutely couldn’t afford them. I was wearing rags or going braless – it made me feel inhuman to not have a bra. I was doing a search to see if anyone provides bras for poverty-stricken individuals. I saw a lot of organizations that were sending bras to third world countries but nothing for me…except Re-Bra. It’s been a blessing to have a bra. It’s the only one I have – it makes a big difference in my life.  Thank you so very much."