"I felt inhuman. As a breast cancer survivor who could not afford a bra, I had no where to turn. And then I found Re-Bra.

I’ve always been very top-heavy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43.  I had been getting my annual mammograms. Early detection saved my life. Had I not been getting my yearly mammograms, I don't know what my outcome would have been. But, with all of the treatments and being wheelchair bound, I could not support myself and my two grandchildren anymore.

Bras are very expensive – especially because I am very top-heavy. I was wearing rags or going braless. I needed help. There are a lot of organizations that send bras to third world countries but nothing for me…except Re-Bra. Re-Bra sent me two beautiful, new bras. They are the only ones I have. Thank you so very much."