The Brem Fellowship is the only breast imaging fellowship in the country that combines cutting-edge techniques with community service.

The Fellowship was established in 2011. Dr. Rachel Brem and The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates Breast-Imaging Team train Brem Fellows in early detection technologies. Brem Fellows learn how to make rapid, precise diagnoses so patients can start treatment as soon as possible.

Brem Fellows move on to their next positions equipped to treat patients medically and emotionally with the absolute highest standards of care and compassion. 


After completing their fellowships, Brem Fellows obtain prestigious positions across the country in states such as New York, Virginia, Maryland and Mississippi, with many alumni choosing to practice medicine in under-resourced communities.

Because of Brem Fellows’ commitment to the highest standards of care and breast health education, women in these communities who have breast cancer are more likely to be diagnosed early—and cured.