MARIA | 43

"I have been very fortunate to have counted on health insurance that covered my annual routine exam costs every year since I turned 40. However, it all got very complicated after my last ||mammogram results were abnormal and required additional screening. In addition to dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing what was happening to me, I was also dealing with financial hardship of the needed diagnostic tests just when my insurance did not cover the additional studies without a high deductible. I was on the internet looking for options that could help when I found the Brem Foundation. For me it was a huge surprise but most of all I was so relieved knowing that the Brem Foundation could help by paying the full amount of costs not covered by my health insurance. In a very short time I was able to get the diagnostic tests that I needed. Fortunately, the diagnosis was negative. Without the help from the Brem Foundation, I would have had to delay the additional screenings which might have put my health at risk if the tests results had been different. Regardless of the results, the Brem Foundation gave me so much peace of mind.

To women that are going through something similar, please know that there is help out there and it is called The Brem Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation and all individuals involved for their job promoting education, breast cancer early detection, and treatment."