The Brem Foundation’s Re-Bra initiative is a unique, unprecedented and easy way for breast surgery patients to donate their pre-surgery bras to low-income women who cannot afford bras of their own.

After women undergo breast surgery, their pre-surgery bras do not fit anymore. Re-Bra offers breast surgery patients the opportunity to transform their pre-surgery bras into a vehicle for good. Re-Bra gives breast centers a way to connect breast surgery patients with women who cannot afford bras—creating a mutually beneficial yet anonymous relationship.

Re-Bra is not a typical, familiar initiative where the “haves” donate to the “have-nots” or the “well” help the “sick.” Simply put, Re-Bra utilizes one group’s challenges to alleviate another group’s pain. Every bra donated through Re-Bra will include the Brem Foundation’s “Breast Health Bill of Rights” and resources for women to learn more about breast health.

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners has generously partnered with Re-Bra to provide bras in excellent condition. Crest dry-cleans every donated bra to ensure that each bra is clean and wearable prior to being given to someone else. This level of care is a first among bra donation organizations.


Low-income women often cannot afford bras. They wear the same bras day after day, and the few bras that they own often do not fit. While this is a pervasive problem, it is under-discussed. It can, and does, affect self-esteem and health.

After breast surgery, women experience a range of emotions. These emotions are very personal and differ from person to person, but many women feel sadness, loss, and concern. The bras that women owned before their surgeries present a challenge; women may not want to discard them, but they also know they cannot use them any more.

At the Brem Foundation we believe that by donating their pre-surgery bras to low-income women, breast surgery patients can reinvent their bras in a way that will help underprivileged women enjoy more opportunities, better health, and happier lives.


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