SADIE | 20

I'm Sadie. My mom is #wonderwoman.    
This is why.

My mom coached my soccer team, dropped me off at dance, and moved me into college. Everything she did was with beauty and grace, unwavering positivity and confidence. But raising four kids like that wasn't enough. Not for her.

When I was a kid my local hospital did not have mammography equipment. The staff used an outdated, unreliable system of x-ray photography to screen for breast cancer. My mom knew this was unacceptable. That is why she started The Underwire Project. Through this effort, she raised $750,000 to buy an updated mammography machine. The implementation of digital mammography gave thousands of women - many of them moms - quick access to early detection and diagnosis.

My heart swells with pride when I share this story with you today. Thank you, mom for giving so many other daughters #moretimewithmom. I love you.