ANDREA WOLF | President & CEO

Andrea Wolf is the oldest of Dr. Brem's three daughters. She grew up hearing a lot about breast cancer. At age 22, Andrea found out that she was BRCA1-positive. She committed to taking control of her breast health and doing everything she could to change her family’s breast cancer narrative. At age 30 she had prophylactic double mastectomies. Today, she uses her passion for helping others to inspire women from all backgrounds to take control of their breast health.

Prior to leading the Brem Foundation, Andrea graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and from the George Washington University Law School. She practiced law at Patton Boggs, LLP and later served as the Director of Public Policy of Girls Inc., an education nonprofit.

In her free time, Andrea loves giggling with her three daughters, petting puppies, eating sushi with her husband, and running in the woods. She is excited to welcome you to the life-saving and life-changing world of the Brem Foundation.