This Past Mother's Day What Moms REALLY Wanted Was #MoreTimeWithMom

Chocolate, flowers, brunch. We are constantly searching for something mom will love and find meaningful - on Mother's day and everyday. What she really wants is more time with the people she loves. 

Encourage your mom to get a mammogram, so you can spend #moretimewithmom



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Moms Are Our #Wonderwomen

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Sadie | 20

My mom coached my soccer team, dropped me off at dance, and moved me into college. Everything she did was with beauty and grace, unwavering positivity and confidence. But raising four kids like that wasn't enough. Not for her.

When I was a kid my local hospital did not have mammography equipment. The staff used an outdated, unreliable system of x-ray photography to screen for breast cancer. My mom knew this was unacceptable. That is why she started The Underwire Project. Through this effort, she raised $750,000 to buy an updated mammography machine. The implementation of digital mammography gave thousands of women - many of them moms - quick access to early detection and diagnosis.

My heart swells with pride when I share this story with you today. Thank you, mom for giving so many other daughters #moretimewithmom. I love you.


Jasmine | 22

My mom has always worked hard for what she believes in, and has always expected the same from my brother and me. Education has always been important to her. As a first generation American, she has forged her way so gracefully that it looks easy. 

She put herself through law school to help people, she but didn't stop there. She founded a nonprofit in San Francisco, Parents for Public Schools, to help other parents navigate the system. She raised tens of thousands of dollars for each of the schools I attended to ensure everyone could get a quality education. She volunteered in a special education classroom with underserved, at-risk students. She inspires drive, determination, and love everywhere she goes.

Anyone who's lucky enough to know her knows she is funny, intelligent, caring, straightforward, hard working, driven, gentle, opinionated, and most of all, kind. I can't remember a time my mom didn't go after exactly what she wanted for herself and her family. I'm so grateful to have someone so inspirational, who will fiercely support me in reaching my own goals. She taught me that women can do anything. My mom isn't just a wonderful mom, she's a #wonderwoman.

Noelle and her mom.jpg

Noelle | 43

In 2014, at age 43, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer - a particularly aggressive form of the disease. My husband, children, and I live in Maryland. To maximize my chances of survival, I enrolled in a clinical trial at Dana Farber in Boston. Every week, I had to leave my kids to go to Boston. I couldn't have done it without my mom.

During my two years of treatment - and still to this day - my mom gives 110% of herself to my survival and well-being. She traveled back and forth to treatments with me, stayed with my kids when my husband could join me, and helped to make sure we did not also have to face the financial burden alone. She is my #wonderwoman; knowing when to hug, when to listen and when to just let me be but never letting me fall. I love you, mom, and appreciate you beyond any measure.

maria and her mom

Maria | 43

Without the help from the Brem Foundation, I would have had to delay the additional screenings which might have put my health at risk if the tests results had been different