The Brem Foundation and the George Washington Mammovan

The Brem Foundation and George Washington's Mammovan have a robust, life-saving partnership. The Mammovan is a self-contained mobile mammography unit that brings early-detection technology to community and corporate sites. This gives women who would not otherwise not have access to mammograms the ability to get screened for breast cancer. 

The relationship between the Brem Foundation and the Mammovan began when both partners noticed a problem. The Mammovan was providing free screening mammograms to women from all backgrounds. However, when those mammograms showed an abnormality, some women could not afford breast biopsies to find out whether they had breast cancer. The Brem Foundation partnered with the Mammovan to help any woman unable to pay for her biopsy by paying fully for biopsies within two weeks of any woman's abnormal results. This partnership has saved over 500 lives - but there are many more who need the Mammovan's and the Brem Foundation's services.

If you are a woman who would like to schedule an appointment on the Mammovan call 202.741.3252

If you represent a corporation, church or civic group and wish to schedule a site visit please call 202.741.3274

Find out here if the Mammovan is visiting your community or place of work!