We launched our new site!

You may be thinking this is just another pink-ribbon pushing breast cancer organization raising money for research that is not relevant to your everyday life. Not so. This is about you. Your mom. Your sister. Your wife. Your best friend. Your daughter.

This is why the Brem Foundation is launching its new website – to give you and the ones you love access to life-saving information. Let's make sure that you are not a minute late and a dollar short when it comes to breast cancer. And you will learn something that you didn’t know about breast cancer while exploring the site. 

Our goal is to educate you and your loved ones and make eye-opening breast cancer facts accessible to empower you and, potentially, save your own life. Did you know that over 75 percent of breast cancers are diagnosed in women with no family history or that an annual mammogram may not be enough to find your early, curable breast cancer? Or that more than 40 percent of women have dense breast tissue, a risk factor for breast cancer? We hope information learned on the website will spur you into action to save your life.

So visit the Brem Foundation’s new website and tell others too! With Mother’s Day around the corner it’s the best way to tell your mom – and your friends, sisters, daughters, and wives – that you really love them. 

Early detection saves lives. Over 95 percent of women with early-stage breast cancers survive and thrive.