Win for Women in DC

Breast cancer devastated Anne Kalosh’s family. When Anne was a teenager her mom died from breast cancer. Two of her mom’s sisters, Anne’s aunts, also passed away from breast cancer. Anne hoped that she would be spared.

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Beyond the Pink

The breast cancer awareness movement has been garnering continuous support for the past fifty years. Beginning with The Women’s Field Army in 1936, which consisted of a legion of volunteers who waged war on cancer and promoted early detection and prompt medical intervention, breast cancer is no longer  taboo. But breast cancer, no longer being an unspeakable disease, has transformed into the mundane; the inundation of pink ribbons, water bottles, and tote bags have made cancer a brand.

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Those Confusing Guidelines...

How often? When should I start? When can I stop? As a Brem Breast-Imaging Fellow, my patients ask me these questions about screening every day. Breast cancer screening guidelines have always been confusing. But recently they have become even harder to follow. I want my patients – and all women – to have a better sense of how to get properly screened so that they can maximize their chances of finding early, curable breast cancers. Here’s how to make heads and tails of the recent guidelines.

A Physician's Perspective on Volunteering for the Brem Foundation

I am a Brem Breast Imaging Fellow. I spend my days learning the most cutting-edge techniques in breast cancer diagnosis and understanding how to be a compassionate physician. Part of my role includes reaching out to communities by volunteering to support the Brem Foundation’s life-saving work. This year I had the privilege of doing so – but in an unconventional way – at the Redskins’ annual breast cancer awareness game.