The B-Fund pays for women to get critical diagnostic tests when they cannot afford these tests.

Most women can get screening mammograms for free and there are many support systems for women if they are diagnosed with breast cancer. When a woman has an abnormal screening mammogram or experiences worrisome symptoms, she needs diagnostic tests to determine whether she has breast cancer. Many women cannot afford these tests.

The B-Fund pays for diagnostic tests for any woman who cannot afford them. B-Fund diagnostic tests are performed within two weeks of a woman’s abnormal mammogram. This life-saving fund allows women to get a diagnosis in days or weeks rather than months—and, if needed, to start a treatment plan that maximizes their chances of living a normal, healthy life after breast cancer. Through partnerships with Mary's Center, Breast Care for Washington DC, St. Luke’s University Health Network, the George Washington University Hospital, and the George Washington Mammovan, the B-Fund has saved hundreds of lives. But there are thousands more to save.