What is a Brembassador?

  • A volunteer who educates women about the early detection of breast cancer on behalf of the Brem Foundation.
  • A breast-cancer expert on related topics including early detection, screening, risk factors, and self-advocacy. 
  • An ambassador who reaches out to communities to administer life-saving information.

What are the goals of Brembassadors?

  • To educate women about their breast cancer risk factors, screening options, and breast health rights
  • To empower women to take control of their breast-health
  • To increase the number of women getting screened
  • To help women overcome barriers to screening
  • To encourage women to share their education and knowledge with others

What is expected of Brembassadors?

      • Successfully complete training and meet with Brem Foundation staff
      • Represent the Brem Foundation's mission and culture
      • Commit to giving at least five (5) presentations per year 
        • Note: The Brem Foundation will arrange all events. Brembassadors will NOT be expected to set up event times and venues
      • Communicate information professionally, accurately, and effectively
      • Be prepared to answer questions but also know when it is best to seek professional guidance
      • Be respectful of the communities in which you are presenting and do your best to understand cultural differences and sensitivities

      Why should I become a Brembassador?

        • Save Lives: Brembassadors have the platform to save lives by educating women about their breast health and inspiring them to get screened early and often. As Brembassadors often give presentations to underserved populations, it is unlikely that these populations would otherwise have access to the life-saving education that Brembassadors provide.
        • Essential to Brem: Brembassadors provide education, access and empowerment central to Brem’s mission and culture. We could not achieve our life-saving work without the dedication of our Brembassadors.
        • Form Connections: Brembassadors will have the chance to forge personal connections with people from a variety of backgrounds and gain a better understanding of how different communities have been personally affected by breast cancer.
        • Personal Development: Brembassadors will develop their public-speaking and interpersonal skills. They will also gain confidence and self-empowerment by saving lives while forming deeper connections to the community through direct, impactful service.

        How do I become a Brembassador?

        • Complete the following application with a copy of your resume attached.
        • Selected applicants will be invited for an interview
        • After completing the training course, trainees must pass the final assessment with a score of 90% or above.
        • After passing the final assessment, trainees will work with the Brem Foundation CEO & President to prepare for presentations.

        Brembassador Application:

        After completing this application, please email a copy of your resume to andrea@bremfoundation.org

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